David Saunders

Coming from a musical family it seemed like a normal thing to pick up an instrument. Dave started playing the trumpet in public school and continued all through high school. Dave played in concert bands, stage bands, a Dixie band and even the local Youth Orchestra. In addition to regular musical studies, Dave was also mentored by the Principal Trumpet of the Thunder Bay Symphony at the time. It was a busy schedule, but he learned team work, the value of practice, and dedication to the art. Once a full-time job, raising a family and “real-life” took over, music became less of a priority. Then at a young age his children started music lessons and Dave once again found pleasure showing them what their Dad could do on his trumpet. Together Dave and his son, Christopher, joined the Thunder Bay Community Band and the Roy Coran Big Band and Dave still enjoys playing with these groups. Between the two bands, Dave plays about a dozen concerts each year and participates in activities aimed at mentoring young musicians. Having careers in Process Engineering and Facilitation, music is a welcome contrast, and Dave finds playing with other talented musicians a great way to continue learning the art, and hopefully contributing as well.